Best 80’s covers by far on YouTube: Chris Commisso

Periodically, as I research songwriters on YouTube, I get blown away by somebody’s talent — and tonight I’m hear to expose you to a guy named Chris Commisso from Kingman, Arizona.

What I’ve been doing on YouTube is to go out and look for original music to comment on, but only when I can say something positive. This is what I call, “Kindness as a strategy” to grow my own YouTube channel. So, I watch a video from Chris last night, and I liked it.

And I commented.

He commented back on one of my tunes.

So tonight I went back out to his channel to check out a little more, and I about spit out my dinner. Chris is easily the best music producer in terms of recording and arrangement I’ve ever heard. At least relative to somebody who isn’t a household name. His takes on a handful of 80s hits cements his status in my ears as fantastic.

I just wanted to help spread the word about this guy. I was totally blown away, and his music is worth the time you spend in the ol’ YouTube rabbit hole, or as we call it around here — the bunny gap. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

And then listen to this one, a masterful cover of a-ha’s “Take On Me” … I’m dead now.

Ryan Welton is a musician but not 1/100th the musician that Chris is. Go subscribe to his YouTube channel, and then have mercy on me when you visit mine at Thanks for reading!